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Civil engineering full-scale in Marmooka City, Ajman

March 20, 2009
marmooka city master plan

marmooka city master plan

Hey guys I found this project going on over in the UAE in an emirate bordering Dubai. The emirate is Ajman which is another port town that was growing quickly before the economic down turn. However bad the economy I’d like to point some attention on the master-planning of this city which is part of a bigger civil project in the area.

If you look at the plan thats included on this page you can see that there is a lot of space in between the rows of buildings that is dedicated to community parks and open space, which is something that no city should lack abundance of(btw 31% of this city is open space).

This is a mixed-use project that consists of buildings that average 14 storeys, with a handfull of others ranging from 19 storeys to a 95 storey building in the m3 plot. I don’t think they are planning on incorporating a mass transit system like a subway which i think is a bad idea and im assuming they’ll need one soon after people start moving in. Planning like this can be an easier way to implement green building practices and provide sustainable living for more people in a smaller footprint. All in all i think this is a great planned community, the planners just need to think ahead on traffic and commuting issues in such densely populated areas.

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